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Zhongshan King Century Hotel Co., Ltd.

King Century Hotel is located in the Century Square, famous for the operation mode of CITY MALL, in Zhongshan, the hometown of Giant Sun Yat-sen and a good tourist city. As a modernized five star business hotel, the 28 storied building, whose building area is 98,000 m2, has nearly 400 luxurious guest rooms in different styles, Chinese, Western, Japanese and Korean restaurants with 4,000 seats, an international conference center with the capacity of 500 persons and a karaoke club exceeding 6,000 m2. Well-equipped with entertainment, sports and traffic facilities, it integrates gourmet, holiday, recreation, conference and leisure shopping into a whole.

Founded in the middle of 1980s, King Century Hotel is endowed with a dense cooking cultural atmosphere and has profound effects on the development of tourist business in guest rooms, catering and entertainment. Its dining halls, by right of individual advantages and characteristics, are considered shining pearls of Zhongshan catering industry. In its development course, restaurants in different styles have come forth to cater for dietary requirements of different times and led the development of industry. These restaurants are: original King Century hotel founded in Nov. 1985, Jade Terrace Restaurant in 1990s, Peninsular Restaurant opened in 1994, the new King Century Hotel, and the King Century Foot Street and Chaoyuanxuan Abalone & Bird's Nest Speciality Shop opened in 1999.

The new King Century Hotel is another milestone of Zhongshan hotel industry and its Chaoyuan Grand Restaurant is taken shape from the well-known Chaoyuanxuan Abalone & Bird's Nest Speciality Shop. With delicate decoration combining Chinese and western styles, Chaoyuan Grand Restaurant serves you not only delicious food but also grand cultural feasts; its the gleaming banquet hall is able to hold a hundred tables and decades of luxury VIP rooms are well-equipped and peculiarly-ornamentalized. The King Century Food Street, moved here too, is of an antique style, looks inornate but elegant, and has expended to 21 food stalls with various flavors, 1,000 seats and 10 VIP rooms and saves your driving for local snacks. Those two dinning places all follow their fine traditions and specially set Tea House, where is an ideal site to enjoy tea as well as leisure time.

Chaoyuanxuan Abalone & Bird's Nest Speciality Shop, located at the 5th floor of King Century Hotel, is elegant and splendid, luxurious and decent and follows its consistent style of combining food with arts, which shows classy culture features. With quality advantage, Chaoyuanxuan is famous for its crowned abalone, sea cucumber, bird nest and fin. Yipinxuan Four Seasons Hot-Pot Restaurant, also located on the some floor, is uniquely designed, pompous, comely, and graceful, and equipped with advanced equipments. Its fresh and delicious foods and special soup base taste delicate and exquisite. According to the seasons, the restaurant launches different soup bases to improve your health, light tonifying type for springs and summers, moistening for autumns and warm tonifying for winters.

There is also a modernized international conference center on the 5th floor, which is over 500 square meters and able to hold 600 persons. As a top choice for international conference and business forum, the center is equipped with multifunctional facilities, top-ranking hi-tech multimedia system, incomparable meeting rooms and professional services. With enriched and long-standing Chinese foods, King Century Hotel brings you a brand new experience in vision, olfaction and taste. And its services not only satisfy you but also surprise you.